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Thank you for choosing In Touch Therapy Massage!
  • Choose the "Medical Massage Client Intake Form" if you use insurance to pay for your massage therapy.
  • Choose the "Maintenance Massage Client Intake Form" if you are paying for your massage therapy.
Please complete the following forms, print them and bring them with you to your first appointment.
To make your visit even more comfortable and convenient, please review the following policies before arriving:
1) Payments:
  • Accepted forms of payment are Cash, Checks, Debit cards, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
  • Medical Insurance: bring your doctor's prescription, insurance card, and driver's license.
  • Auto Insurance (PIP): bring doctor's prescription, policy number, claim number,agent and adjuster's name and contact information. 
  • Workers Comp: Bring your doctor's prescription, copy of your claims paperwork complete with claim number, and your claims manager with contact information.
  • Third party: we accept a limited number of third-party claims. Prior to treatment you must provide us with a LIEN (also called an LOP or Letter of Protection) signed by yourself and your attorney. Also bring your doctor's prescription, claim number, accident information as well as your attorney's and your auto insurance adjuster's contact information.
2) Time of Payments:
This includes all co-payments and insurance deductible amounts. New medical massage clients are required to pay for the first visit if we have not verified that your annual insurance deductible has been met. Please provide your insurance information prior to your first visit to give adequate time for our billing department to verify your insurance coverage.
3) Cancellation and No-Show Policy:
A 24-hour notice is requested for all appointment cancellations and rescheduling.
  • A $45.00 "Late-Cancellation" fee is imposed for less than a 24-hour notice of cancellation.
  • A $75.00 "No-Show" fee is imposed for any missed appointment without notification.
This is why we encourage you to call in if something unexpected comes up, as our commitment is to be very flexible and allow you to change your time within the same day, which will not result in a cancellation fee.
4) Confirmation Calls, Texts, Emails and Late Arrivals:
  • We provide appointment confirmation calls, texts or emails as a courtesy. However, it is still your responsibility to arrive on time for your appointment, whether or not the reminder call is made.
  • All appointments start on-time and end on-time. Late arrivals will receive a session that finishes on-time and will be required to pay the fee associated with the original length of the massage therapy appointment.
Here are some tips to make your first visit enjoyable and effective:
1. Complete your New Client Intake Form prior to your first appointment.  You can print it by clicking the buttons above on the left.

2. Arrive ten minutes early. Medical massage client: Bring all insurance information (cards, PIP details or L&I forms).

3. Eat at least two hours before your massage therapy appointment.

4. Let us know if you have any special needs the day before your appointment.

5. Park right in front of our clinic in one of the reserved parking places.

6. We like your questions; feel comfortable asking any question you want about our clinic and about what the massage treatment options available. You are in charge of your health care.

7. Plan ahead to give yourself 15 minutes or so to reschedule and to just relax after your massage therapy session ends.

8. We practice the art of delivering the best massage therapy in a modest manner. You will be unclothed to your level of comfort. We practice draping protocols that keep you snug and warm with only the part of your body we are massaging uncovered.

We want your visit to be as
satisfying as possible.


Thank you for choosing
In Touch Therapy Massage.
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