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A word about our exclusive training program:
It takes a specialized training to work at In Touch Therapy Massage. All of our massage therapists undergo a rigorous training program in advanced massage techniques so you receive an effective, professional therapeutic massage every time.
Massage is a life-changing experience.
It is our honor to serve you.
Kenton Stuth, LMP
Clinic Director and Lead Licensed Massage Practitioner
Kenton graduated with Honors from the acclaimed Ashmead College in 2005. Prior to his schooling, he worked over twenty years in the golf course industry developing science based agronomic programs to lower chemical and irrigation water usage.


Kenton employs advanced deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques in a client-specific manner. He weaves the craft of Hot Stone, Russian Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Relaxation into most massage sessions. Each client's ability to restore their pain-free motion is his #1 priority. No two massages that Kenton delivers follow the same pattern; each is customized to what the client needs and wants. People who have lost the curve in their neck enjoy his effective combination of tight muscle release and site-specific traction. Kenton earned his Intra-Oral endorsement in 2010 allowing him to successfully treat clients suffering from nighttime teeth grinding and TMJD.  Kenton studied David Weinstock's innovative NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) Level two in 2014 and is a provider for most insurance companies including Regence, Premera, Aetna, PIP and L&I.


As a nationally-certified Continuing Education educator, he teaches advanced massage techniques, business and ethics classes through the Pacific Academy of Continuing Education, LLC.


Kenton enjoys sail boating and playing golf. He is a proud father of five and celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary in 2017.

Mimi Miya-Kaposztas, LMP
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Mimi graduated with honors from Bodymechanics School of Myo-therapy in 2009. She entered the field of healing through massage after assisting geriatric patients as a Certified Nursing Assistant for over ten years. Mimi prides herself in honoring each person's unique needs and offers a tremendous amount of nurturing massage care. 


Mimi excels in delivering Therapeutic Swedish massage. Her understanding of Deep Tissue massage, Accupoint pressure massage and Myofascial Release techniques qualifies her to address any cause of pain or lack of movement that her clients experience. Her precise listening skills make people feel very comfortable about their massage. Mimi has exceptional results treating clients with upper back, shoulder, neck and low-back pain. Her insightful approach to healing with massage has many people able to live their lives without pain and resume their cherished lifestyle activities and is a provider for most insurance companies including Regence, Premera, Aetna, PIP and L&I.


She earned her Intra-Oral license endorsement in 2009. Mimi is well qualified to treat all who suffer from TMJD and night-time teeth grinding.


Mimi enjoys activities with her family and is an excellent cook and baker. She stays in shape with energetic walking and hiking around the beautiful South Puget Sound area.

Bruce Armstrong, LMP
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Bruce graduated with honors from Brian Utting School of Massage in 2006. Bruce entered the massage field after discovering the tremendous healing power offered by massage following several injuries due sports and physical labor in construction and beverage sales.


Bruce has experience treating hundreds of Clients injuries due to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workman's Comp and Personal Injury Claims. Bruce continues to enable athletes working through their setbacks and helps them reach their personal goals. His mastery of Deep Tissue, Sports massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, Hot Stone massage and advanced assessment protocols makes him an ideal choice for anyone who desires to improve their physical performance while lowering their painful movements. Many of his clients appreciate his ability to effectively address their whiplash injuries, neck pain, sciatic pain, low back pain as well as those suffering from shoulder injuries. 


He customizes each massage session to fit exactly what you need; he listens to you and understands what to do to best serve you. Bruce is a preferred provider for most insurance companies including Regence, PIP and L&I.


Bruce grew up in Olympia and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Brittany Padilla, LMP
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Brittany graduated with honors from Ashmead College in 2008. She spent the earlier part of her career managing a portrait studio and discovered massage to be more fulfilling.


She loves helping others get better after suffering from car accidents, work injuries and sports injuries. Brittany utilizes Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Hot Stone massage in most of her massage sessions. Brittany excels in Pregnancy massage for expectant mothers with her soothing and nurturing touch. Brittany possesses excellent skills for effective neck and low-back/glute treatment.


Brittany is gifted as an excellent Swedish Massage Therapist, a Deep Tissue Therapist and a Medical Hot Stone Therapist and is a provider for most insurance companies including Regence, Premera, Aetna, PIP and L&I.


Brittany enjoys time playing softball, golf, bowling and photography.

Rick Sickelbower, LMP
Licensed Massage Practitioner

Rick graduated from Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage 1000 hour program in 2003. Prior to massage school Rick spent 30 years in the machine shop industry. One of Rick's interests is Martial Arts where he discovered while practicing Jujitsu the importance of restorative healing techniques. "when you hurt someone in Jujitsu you need to know how to help them repair what hurts". This experience lead Rick to pursue his massage career.


Rick believes in learning. He has studied over 1200 hours of continuing education with international massage educators refining his advanced therapeutic massage skills. Each of his clients receive what they need during every one of his massage sessions, no two massage sessions are alike. Rick tailors your massage to what you need today.


Rick is accepting new clients. He is a preferred provider for Premera, Aetna L&I and PIP insurance companies.

Professional Members of:
American Massage Therapy Association of America
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals